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The Campaign is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship. It is structured to support, groom & discover new entrepreneurs across India. Every start-up needs funding to function, but before funding it needs brute assessment and exhaustion of all aspects of the plan.

No, The Plan/Idea can only be submitted through the Registration Dashboard within defined time limit.

There is no restriction on what type of Plan/Idea you can pitch. Every category is welcomed with open hearts, because every field has its own perks.

Yes, you can submit more than one plan. However, there is only one dedicated registration deck assigned per login ID, so you’ll need to login with different but authentic e-mail ID.

These are the firms that invest in start-ups & businesses in exchange for equity so that they can raise their market value & earn profit if their investment becomes successful.

With venture capital as your finance partner you’ll develop new contacts that will expose you to more potential clients. Firm will keep you updated in regards with how you can optimize & change tactic to bring in more business. Moreover you’ll have the financial support at your disposal.

The list of Shortlisted participants will be available on website. Apart from that Shortlisted Participants will also be acknowledged through proper channels.

Venture Capital Firms are the firms that houses an obscene amount of funds. That amount of fund cannot not and should not be held so as to balance the economy, and so these firms regulate funds by investing in start-ups & and growing businesses which in turn raises their market value.

There is no reason to be concerned about the security of plan, as you should know it’s not just idea/plan you have it’s more about the vision you have to make that idea/plan successful. As an entrepreneur you must not shelter the ideology that you’ve the perfect idea that no one ever thought of. It all depends on what’s your approach towards Idea/Plan.

A lot among us are hold up on the idea, that having a partner might cause hurdles in the growth of company of the future. However, the fact is completely misleading. Once you have VC as your partner it’s as good as having a guardian angel on your shoulder. Their friends became your friends & your competitors became their competitors, & VC’s pack a bunch when they get in the ring. Your growth reflects to their judgement and credibility, so they will exercise all their contacts & resources for your growth. And firm like that is bound to have a long list of highly influential contacts.

An Idea is what leads to a business plan. Say, I have an idea of running an online store, now I need to plan on how to run that store and what would I need to run it. Moreover, I need to understand what would be my strategy/tactics to make my business work smoothly. This is all that constitutes to a business plan.

This is no concern for any entrepreneur as VC will only fund after evaluating all aspects of plan/idea. Apart from that VC firm also exercises its sources to keep you and your business from going under. It’s the Firm who invested in you & if you fail they fail. Even so if by some misfortune the business goes under you are not liable to pay the amount, because it wasn’t a loan it’s an investment.

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