Nation-Wide Business Plan Campaign

The Program

Start-Up India

With interest in Start-Up businesses & entrepreneurship, we have initiated a nation-wide Business Plan campaign. The aim of the programme is to promote start-ups & small businesses.  We will promote entrepreneurs who have business idea and are looking for support via funding, mentorship, technology and development to create a sustainable and scalable plan.

If you have an idea or solution that fulfils unmet needs of an audience, or you can deliver innovation to existing solutions that can benefit customers, register with us to discover new levels of growth.

While your chances of getting funded depends on how unique your solutions are as well as quality of your execution capabilities, we will provide you a platform to develop your idea into a clear executable business proposition as well as showcase this plan to potential investors.  

"The only history that is worth a tinker's damn,

is the history  we make today." ~ Henry Ford

And now

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