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Why a Start-up must have a Website/App.

Author Suyash Gupta
Suyash Gupta
2016-06-14 11:10:14
The world isn’t big enough, with the tech. today it’s easy to connect anyone from anywhere. So starting up, why not cast a wide net to capture the clients. A start-Up is limited if it’s reachable only through physical presence of client, and in this era where competition is at its peak, even a small step can lead to big changes & build new heights.
Not only every step you take matters but also the steps you don’t take, plays a far more important role in your success. No matter what field you are starting up in or what problems you are solving, you need for people to know that you exist and that you do something. How will people or potential clients reach you if they don’t even know that you exist, makes sense, doesn’t it? Then how to reach more & more people and let them know about your business?
The best way to acknowledge your presence to the crowd is through internet. For instance it might stand to reason that why one could have that doesn’t need a Website/App to make a sale, but making a sale & a profit are two very different things. True, there are business that won’t make a sale by a website/app, but in such cases a website/app can provide a platform to provide the introduction, information & a channel to reach you and your business.
Why limit the reach of clients geographically when you have the whole globe. Plus reaching more & more people will only and efficiently amount your start-up in becoming a brand. Take Royal Royce or Gucci or Prada for instance, a lot of people who can’t afford to buy their product know them well, not only the crowd who can’t afford but also those, people who don’t want their product appreciate it. This is what is called ‘building a brand’.
Look-up any brand you could think of and Google it, you will see it’s webpage/app, why because they know the power of knowledge and they know the benefits of educating the people of their product.
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